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Choose Your Stucco Finish: Wet Dash, Dry Dash, or Float?

When it comes to stucco textures, the three main types of finishes are wet dash, dry dash, and float. From there, dozens of different effects can be applied. Below is a brief explanation of wet dash, dry dash, and float finishing techniques:

  • Wet Dash – Using an applicator such as a paddle or whisk broom, a mixture of grout and rock (usually pebbles or sand) is applied to a fresh coat of wet mortar. Different wet dash effects are created by using different materials such as pebbles and sand and different applicators such as a paddle or whisk broom.
  • Dry Dash – The dry dash finishing technique involves pushing stone chips, shell pieces, or pebbles directly into the mortar just before it dries. This is a manually intensive process as individual pieces are placed strategically across the surface by hand.
  • Float – A float finish is applied to mortar that is nearly hardened. First, the stucco contractor dashes the surface with water before "floating" the finishing layer on top.

No matter which finish type appeals to you, Houston Stucco has the expertise to create a stunning stucco finish for your home or commercial building.