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Frequently Asked Stucco Questions

It's cheaper to repaint my stucco, so why should I re-stucco my house?

You're right, it is cheaper to repaint stucco than it is to redo it – in the short term that is. Unfortunately, within a few years, the paint begins to crack and peel. In order to properly restucco the home, the paint must be sandblasted off to ensure that the new stucco layer properly bonds to the old. Not only will you have paid to paint the stucco, you will also need to pay to remove that paint before the job can be done properly.

What are some common signs of stucco leaks?

Stucco leaks reveal themselves in many ways including: stucco stains, crumbling stucco, soft spots in the stucco, visible water seeping in at windows and at the floor line, brown streaks on the stucco, wet floors, discolored window trim pieces, warped baseboards, and musty odors.

Why is grading sometimes recommended in conjunction with stucco repairs?

While some stucco contractors will repair damaged stucco without recommending further repairs, we take a different approach. We investigate the cause of the stucco damage and take steps to remedy the situation so that you won't continue having problems. This could involve grading the soil to repair a drainage issue or other structural repairs such as rain gutter repair.

What's involved with stucco repairs?

Each stucco project has its own unique requirements with many requiring city permits, city inspections, and extensive structural repairs. We are committed to determining the cause of the damage and addressing it so that not only will your repaired stucco look good when we're done, it won't suffer the same fate a few years later.

How do I clean my stucco?

Stucco can be cleaned with a garden hose, gentle scrubbing, and detergent. Be careful with the water pressure as high pressure hoses can etch the surface or even blast way stucco.