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The Benefits of Stucco

Houston homebuilders and homeowners alike often choose stucco as a siding material. After all, stucco offers numerous benefits including: durability, versatility, affordability, and more. Here's the short list of stucco's many benefits:

  • Durable – With Houston's extreme weather, choosing a durable siding material such as stucco is a must. From hailstorms and high winds to pounding rain, stucco can take a beating. It's a durable choice for Houston's weather conditions. Since stucco doesn't peel like paint, it also looks great for years.
  • Low Maintenance – If you don't like painting your house every few years, you'll love stucco. Rather than applying color to the surface of siding, stucco's color is mixed into the material. Your siding will not need to be painted and it will look terrific even after years of withstanding the elements.
  • Affordable – Choosing stucco is also an affordable choice both now and in the future. Your savings continue long after your stucco has been installed because there's no need to repaint every few years.
  • Versatile – Stucco is one of the most versatile siding materials you can find because it is available in numerous colors with all kinds of texturing effects possible. Whether you want the standard off-white color or a deep, dark brown, you'll be impressed with the color choices available. In addition, the art of stucco texture has come a long way with effects that can simulate other siding materials or add a dramatic touch.
  • Attractive – Stucco is an attractive choice for homes, office buildings, and other structures. It's used on everything from townhouses to luxurious estate homes. Use basic stucco in a neutral color for an attractive, yet unobtrusive look or go for a rich color to make a dramatic statement.
  • Fire Resistant – Stucco offers fire resistance and may even lead to lower homeowners insurance premiums because of it.
  • No matter what type of home or building you have, stucco is an attractive, durable, and versatile choice. In addition, it is also an affordable, low maintenance siding material that offers fire resistance. If you're looking for an all-around great choice for siding your Houston home, you'll love stucco and its benefits.