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Stucco Repair

Stucco, like most building materials, may eventually show its age with tiny cracks, stains, or blemishes. In addition, stucco can become damaged. Whether your stucco is cracked or damaged, stucco lends itself to repair work.

What causes stucco damage? The three most common causes are: water, construction, and accidents.

  • Water-related stucco damage: Stucco is a porous siding material that absorbs water and then quickly dries out. However, if water intrudes behind the stucco, such as from a roof or rain gutter leak, it could damage the stucco. Signs of water damage include blisters, chunks falling off, and blemishes.
  • Construction-related stucco damage: Stucco damage and subsequent repair due to construction are usually part of the plan. After all, your contractor may need to remove walls, knock out space for a window, or add to the existing structure.
  • Accident-related stucco damage: From a baseball impact to a car accident, stucco can fall victim to accidents of all types. Dents, cracks, crumbles, and structural damage are common after impacts.

Fortunately, stucco can be repaired. Homeowners can often repair hairline cracks with sealant or a coat of paint. However, cracks can indicate other structural problems requiring the expertise of a skilled stucco contractor to repair. A stucco contractor is generally required for other stucco repairs including water intrusion, crumbled stucco, and structural damage.