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Stucco Glossary

Acrylic Resin – A colorless, transparent resin often used in wall paint and plaster.

Affresco – A tinting technique for applying a pigment to wet plaster.

Aggregate – Sand, crushed rock, shell chips, gravel, and other granular material used in concrete and plaster as a binder.

Blistering – A term used to describe paint or plaster that has separated from its base coat.

Bond – A term used to describe the adhesion of material to a surface.

Bond Strength – The adhesion strength between bonded materials.

Bondbreaker – Bondbreakers are used to stop materials from adhering to a surface.

Bonding agent – A material that enhances bonds between materials and surfaces.

Bottom screed – A piece of PVC plastic placed at the wall's bottom prior to the paperback lathe. Screeds allow water to drip out and serve as a bottom cap.

Brown Coat – The second coat of stucco. The brown coat is applied on top of the scratch coat. Before it dries, this coat will be troweled smooth.

Catface – A finishing effect that gives a catface-like appearance to the stucco's blemishes.

Cement – Cement is a type of dry masonry that sets, hardens, and binds after the addition of water, aggregate, and additives. Cement is used with aggregate material, creating a durable, strong building material. After the dry cement has been mixed with water and other additions, it's known as concrete.

Drywall – A building material consisting of a core of hard, gypsum plaster topped with paper, fiberboard, or felt. Drywall is used to cover interior walls.

Expansion joint – A piece of PVC plastic used to prevent cracks along the outside edges of window and door frames.

Paperback lathe – A piece of felt paper that serves as a moisture barrier, strengthens stucco, and creates a bonding surface.

Scratch coat – The first coat of stucco which goes on top of the metal lathe.

Stucco – A type of finishing plaster typically used as exterior siding.

Tadelakt – A water-resistant, shiny wall coating traditionally used in Moroccan architecture.

Trowel – A rectangular spatula used for applying plaster and mortar.